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Top 5 Exercises for a Strong Core

Otakui Team

Posted on May 21 2017

Finally! A core workout for women that will get you that strong core and rock hard abs you’ve always desired.  Even if you are just beginning, these top five core workouts for women are a great place to start. These moves are easy to do, even in your own home.  These exercises hit your entire core, not just your adnominal muscles.


Your core does not only consist of your abdominal muscles, it includes your obliques, back, and lower back regions as well. It is essential to have core strength because all motions made by the body start with your core.


Benefits of Core Workouts for Women


  • First and foremost, you will look and feel amazing!  These exercises flatten your abs faster and better than any other workout.
  • The core is your center of gravity and a stable one helps with balance, coordination, and helps prevent you from injuring yourself.
  • It also aids in alleviating back pain which usually begins by having weak abdominals.
  • Building a strong core not only benefits your athletic performance, but it also enhances your daily life. It helps when lifting boxes, cleaning the house, gardening, and improves your posture.


Five Core Exercises

Each exercise should be done by doing 10 reps, when you build more strength, you can add more reps. Once you complete 10 reps for an exercise, move on to the next exercise. After completing all five, take a 60 second break and do another set.


1. Russian Twist

Lay on a mat with your feet flat on the floor.  Take a medicine ball (if you would like you can do it without one) and hold it in front of your chest.  Raise your back to a 45 degree angle and hold the position.  With the medicine ball, twist to the right, and then twist to the left. For more of a challenge, raise your feet a few inches off the floor.



2. Ball Toss Crunch

 Lay on the ground with knees bent. Hold the medicine ball to your chest and sit all the way up, then toss the ball in the air and catch it.  Lower yourself back down slowly, but don’t rest on it, and begin again.



3. Leg Lifts

Lay flat on the floor and put your hands underneath you or to your side. Hold your legs a few inches off the floor, and then slowly lift your legs to the ceiling. Keep your legs straight when lifting, and slowly lower them back down. 




4. Vertical Leg Crunch

Start by lying on the floor with your legs vertical in the air and open in a “V.”  Holding a medicine ball, reach it up to your right foot, then lay back down, then crunch up bringing the medicine ball to your left leg and repeat. You can do these without a medicine ball if you would like.



5. Bicycles

 Lay on your back, feet flat with hands behind your head. Bring one knee in and hold the other leg out straight.  Squeeze in your abs as you crunch up having your opposite elbow meet the knee that is bent.  Then, switch to the other side and keep going back and forth as if you are on riding a bicycle.



If you are just starting out, it might be better to complete all of these exercises with light weight medicine balls or without one altogether.  Once you start feeling more strength in your core, you can increase the weight of the medicine ball.

These five core workouts for women are an easy start to acquiring that fabulous core you’ve always wanted!

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