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Simple Ways to Burn More Fat

Otakui Team

Posted on May 28 2017

Most people diet and exercise to burn off excess body fat. But there is a good chance that how you exercise is not maximizing your fat loss. Here are just a few ways to increase fat-burning from exercises you may already be doing, simply by tweaking your methods.

1. Work on mind-muscle connection

 Bodybuilders are experts on the so-called mind-muscle connection, and while you may not have any desire to strut your stuff on a bodybuilding stage, there is no doubt those guys know a thing or two about decreasing body fat. An important part of bodybuilding training is flexing a muscle as you train it, which is how they prepare for all that posing during competition. Where this can help you is that if you deliberately squeeze a muscle as you are working it, the muscle will get stronger and your body will be placed under more strain to boot. More strain and stronger muscles both mean more fat burning so if you’re not deliberately squeezing as you do your squats, you’re leaving fat loss on the table, not to mention short-changing yourself in the booty department!


2. Practice smart workout nutrition

  Nutrition is important for fat loss. We all know this. Still, what you eat around the time you head to the gym may be the most important food all day, and many people simply do not take advantage of this! There are few set rules for workout nutrition. After all, people have different bodies, goals, lifestyles and so forth. The most important things to remember are to eat whatever lets you train hardest and most comfortably (even if it’s a food you would normally avoid!) and that your body needs food to recover from exercise. So if there is no way to eat a meal within about an hour of your workout, it’s a good time to pack a snack or a protein shake.


3. Work out more often

  This doesn’t necessarily mean work out more. Every time you work out you give a ‘jolt’ to your metabolism, putting all sorts of fat-burning mechanisms into gear. The thing is, you don’t need to go to the gym for two hours to get this. Even doing a short, five- to ten-minute workout will do the trick. So why not save part of your workout. For example, if your plan is to run for twenty minutes, then do weights for ten and finish with abs then do exactly that. But instead of doing it all together, split it up by doing the abs separately when you get home. Even though you’re doing the same amount of work, the extra effort of gearing your body up for more training will improve your results.


  Burning fat can be difficult. But there are simple ways to improve your fat burning. And some, like these three, don’t even require extra time or effort. So why not give them a go and see how much better you feel!

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